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Hey guys, girls, eggs, and whoever else happens to be wasting their time reading this. Ok, this is my 1st blog, and I’m not really sure where its supposed to be heading! I’ve been told by lots of people to create a blog, but probably because they’re getting annoyed with me updating my status at least 4 times every bus journey! I just, find, the greasy old couple, ladies who fall over their saplings, and old people chatting about foods which repeat on them, very interesting!
OK, so, it’s the….14th? April. I’m going to attempt to update my blog daily for the rest of the summer! Had an amazing day last night. haha, Day lat night, not very great english. My sister got drunk, and was wandering round, in a terrible state, just liek the pope on sherbert! I woke up this morning with a really bad headache, I’m sure she gave me her hangover! Spent today on msn talking to someone, who wants me to find a good tea shop, so me and him can go and get a cup of tea. Either he’s old, or just likes watching old people drink tea. I’m not really sure what to put on this today, I’m not feeling that funny. Had chicken and salad for tea, the damn salad took ages to cook! Then, when I was filling the sink to wash up, I had to act like I was in the 100m sprint in the  Olympics, and charge from the computer to turn the taps off. I’m still not sure what to type. My tounge hurts though, and it’s not nice 😦


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